KEEN Photo-of-the-Month

So, we’ve all done it…we’ve all looked down over a rock precipice or down into a raging river from the log suspended over it or we’ve simply just propped our feet up to take in the amazing horizon in front of us…and then we take a picture.  I don’t know why so many of us are compelled to take pictures of our feet in our KEEN shoes, but admit it – we’ve all done it (or will now!).

To pay homage to all of us out there compulsively taking pictures of our feet, we are now honoring a Photo-of-the-Month from the amazing selection found in the KEEN Flickr group, a group born organically from KEEN fans over 2 years ago.  We will pick 5 photos each month, put them to vote by KEEN employees, and the photo with the most votes wins our KEEN Photo-of-the-Month spotlight! All winners will be posted here in the KEEN blog and notified via Flickr.

Can’t wait to see what rolls in!  Good luck on all your upcoming adventures – don’t forget to take pictures!

A few favorites from the KEEN Team: