Pacific Coast Trail Runs – Angel Island

Ferry ViewRight, so after making a vow with myself to ring in the new year with a hardcore run (and set the tone for ’09) I stumbled upon the Angel Island 25k organized by Pacific Coast Trail Runs. Despite growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’d never actually been to Angel Island so it had an air of mystery to it. From what I’d read, the crew that plans Pacific Coast Trail Runs had a relaxed vibe and really took care of their runners in terms of well marked trails and thoughtfully stocked aid stations, so I was like “done and done”.

Fast Forward to January 11th – after a short ferry ride from Tiburon to Angel Island I was absolutely giddy with excitement. My brother Joe (a very wide size 14 who ran in the Wasatch Crest) and my cousin Laura joined me for the run. The start was at Ayala Cove, on the North side of the island facing Marin. The first 5.5 mile loop circled the perimeter and the next 10 miles consisted of two different loops that explored the middle of the island to its summit. Each loop began with 140 lovely stairs. Fortunately, it was 70 degrees that day, so no warm up was needed for me, thanks. The course was hilly but the views of San Francisco, the North Bay, and the ocean beyond the Golden Gate Bridge were worth it.

The energy that day was infectious, the people I met were keeping it real (thanks Carol for chatting it up from mile 6-11!), and the weather was perfect. I didn’t have to worry about getting off course or being on the wrong trail, AND they fed me well. I look forward to the race up here in Portland, Oregon in Forest Park this May. I’m officially addicted to the Pacific Coast Trail Runs. Period.