Does KEEN make its products as part of a closed loop process?

Is it possible for KEEN and the products we offer to be “green”? What is “green”? Green can sometimes be grey.

Our current options present complex choices, but our long-term goal is clear: KEEN, along with the rest of society, needs to embrace and move toward a model of product stewardship where materials circulate in closed loop cycles. A “closed loop cycle” reuses or recycles everything used to make a product.

Such lofty ideals are often elusive, but we’ve established four key initiatives as guideposts on this journey, which focus on:drawing11

1. Reducing and mitigating our waste
2. Integrating more materials with sustainable attributes into our products
3. Monitoring and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions
4. Optimizing our transportation of products

These initiatives will give us a better understanding of our environmental footprint – the resources used to produce and deliver our products to the end consumer. This will give us a map for the uncertain terrain ahead as we seek to minimize our impact.

What do you think? Is it possible for KEEN and the products we offer to be “green”?