Who Do You Love?

Is that too personal?  Well, it’s officially Valentine’s Day, so let’s get personal.  Here’s who we love:

Seeds of Change – eat, drink, and be healthy with totally organic products from a company that believes in saving the environment

ZipCar – share your ride and help the environment…each and every Zipcar takes 15-20 personally-owned vehicles off the road

Rent-a-Green-Box – cut your packing and moving costs by 50% by reusing reusable moving boxes

Green Empowerment – this non-profit partners with rural communities in the developing world to implement renewable energy and water systems to alleviate poverty and preserve the environment

Pepy Ride – take off on a Cambodian bicycling adventure to raise awareness and funds for rural communities to improve their standards of living, with a focus on increased access to quality education

Clean Air Lawn Care – use “clean energy” to power electric lawn equipment and do good for the environment while manicuring it

Our Hybrid.Care partners! Check out our team of non-profit partners that we work with year over year – they’re an amazing group of organizations working towards making the world a better place

In honor of our love and it’s eternal flame, we say Happy Valentine’s Day!

With loooooove,

The KEEN Team