Confessions of a Soxy Lady

When I first starting working at KEEN, I have to admit, I came wearing white cotton tube socks with (gasp) a seam. I call those the dark days. However, after working at KEEN for over a year now, I have become what some would call a sock snob, but I prefer to call myself a sock connoisseur.

Yes, I now only wear merino wool and recycled synthetics.
Yes, I now appreciate the merits of a good pair of black socks like never before.
Yes, I know now the perfect uses for a ped.

Yes, I’m now that weird woman in the airport security line, scanning the crowd of travelers and staring at their socks as they remove their shoes…always looking just a little too long. I’m curious about the amount of holes, starchy seams, and mix matched socks I see. I want to pull them aside and tell them I too used to wear tube socks. But I am survivor. That they too can change their lives forever if they only knew of the seamless KEEN socks that fit just right! It is now my mission to let world know (and my job). But, alas, I am only one person (not to mention I’m frequently reprimanded by the TSA agents for “slowing down the line”).

Can anyone out there relate?