Online KEEN Communty almost to 500 members!

Oh my! When we launched the new KEEN Community on our site 2 weeks ago we had no idea it would grow so fast! THANK YOU for getting involved, sharing your stories and your interests – it is truly inspiring to see all the ways you are living the HybridLife.

Help us spread the word and see if we can get 1000 people connected over the next few weeks in April!  We’ll be selecting one HybridLife Story this month to feature on the homepage of the KEEN site in our scrolling landscape – we’d love for it to be you!  If you have feedback/ideas/comments please leave a note below.

Read more about the new KEEN Community in the Outdoor Industry Association News and SNEWS.

Create, Play, and Care.  It’s a way of life.  We call it HybridLife.