A Toddler's Perspective of the Newport H2 Sandal

Excerpt taken from Traveling with Baby Blog

My son liked the dogs, the strawberries, the cows, running through the tall grass, and he especially loved his new shoes.

The most amazing waterproof sandals for sand and surf are now available for little feet. Babies, toddlers, and kids can all have a piece of this unstoppable footwear action by Keen® with the Newport H2, just in time for summer hiking fun!

Toddler’s Perspective

My son thinks they’re the coolest shoes evah, probably in large part because they look just like a pair of Keen® sandals owned by his Daddy. Of all of my son’s shoes, and he has quite a few, the Keen® Newport H2 water sandals are hands down, his favorite which he hand selects for outings. Once I help him strap ‘em on, watch out! He’ll start running in place, stomping with a frenzy, and emitting the deepest and loudest little-man roar you’ve ever heard. Then, I’ll find him walking around admiring his Newport H2’s, every so often picking up his leg to hip height to admire his cool sandals in all their glory.

Mom’s Stamp of Approval

Waterproof, easy to clean, and quick-drying means super low maintenance on my part. Hook and loop closure ensures a snug fit on the ankle and that my son will eventually be able to slip them on and off by himself (one he increases his toddler manual dexterity skillz). The sole wraps up over the toes for some seriously intense toe protection for my toddling walker.