KEEN Flickr Group – Photo of the Month

jacob Ballard, KEEN intern, votes for his favorite KEEN Flickr Group photo.

Jacob Ballard, KEEN intern, votes for his favorite photo.

To pay homage to the KEEN Flickr Group out there compulsively taking pictures of our feet, KEEN will honor a Photo-of-the-Month from the amazing selection found in the KEEN Flickr group.

KEEN will pick 5 photos each month, put them to vote by KEEN employees, and the photo with the most votes wins the coveted KEEN Photo-of-the-Month spotlight!

All winners will be posted here in the KEEN blog and notified via Flickr.

Photo-of-the-Month for May

keen-flickr-group-docCaption: Our friends dog carrying one of my sandals around in his mouth. This made Stan VERY happy because Doc is old and nearing the end of his life and apparently he hasn’t happily carried around anyones shoes in a few years. I feel honored. Thanks Doc! by {2H Design}

Runner-Ups for May

new shoes
keen-flickr-group-new-shoesCaption: I am so lucky to live close to warehouse… they have a big sale once a year. by Elena777  

 Liv & Henry keen-flickr-group-liv-and-henryby kada55060

 scat with keen for scalekeen-flickr-group-scat-with-keen-for-scaleby laurelfactorial

 365.3 in which i jump with wet socks in my handskeen-flickr-group-3653Caption: Putting the laundry on the line sparked the idea for this photo. by girlinredshoes

 i‘m keen (times 3)
keen-flickr-group-im-keenCaption: I shouldn’t live in a city that doesn’t sell Keens. Best. Shoes. Ever. Sunday I visited Ithaca, to see friends … but also to consume a new pair. My feet are happy.  by Secret Lentil