AMAZING NEWS! PEPY a finalist in the Geotourism awards! Please vote!

The PEPY Ride

WOW, team! By now you might have seen that PEPY is one of 10 ten finalists in the Changemakers Geotourism Awards! One of 10 out of over 600 entries! WOW!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! PEPY is TINYYYYYY compared with some of these other groups! We need all of you and all of your friends to vote for PEPY if we are going to have any chance of competing in this! Why? The winning group will get funding and recognition for their program – and we could use that right now to generate more interest in our work!

It takes 3 minutes and will be a great help to us if you could:

1) go to

2) click “login or register to vote” in the middle of the page above the list of finalists

3) vote for THREE finalists (we hope one of them is PEPY!). They will not register your vote unless you vote for three finalists (smart i think!)

Done! If you get this far, THANK YOU! We really appreciate your vote! If you have 3 more minutes to spare, you could also;

4) email this voting how-to to a friend. Explain that you support PEPY, that you believe in our work, that PEPY is small and we need their votes. Tell them they will not get good karma points and virtual hugs but they will be helping to bring more support to education programs in rural cambodia and promote responsible educational tourism as well! A lot of good things to come out of a few web clicks!

5) once you have voted, if you feel like commenting about PEPY so that others can see why they should vote for us too – that would be great! You can do so here.

Please let me know if you want to help out in any other ways, just drop me an email!

Thank you for being a part of the PEPY team, helping to make this “finalist” status possible, and taking a few minutes to help us try to win this competition to get further recognition for our work.

hugs, thanks, and aukuns,

Daniela Ruby Papi
012-474-150 (Cambodia Cell)
1-914-458-4262 (US# which rings in Cambodia)