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I am really fond of the saying, “one man’s junk is another one’s treasure”. This saying holds true to the Harvest Collection Bags. Rice paper turned into beautiful and colorful bags. Now that is some fabulous creativity! Who would have thought that rice paper could be made into a new and useful product.

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My favorite is the Irving Bag. It is made from reclaimed rice paper that is woven to create a gorgeous bag. I love that every bag is completely different from one another. That is what makes the world go round – uniqueness!

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Keen’s Irving Bag is very spacious with lots of pockets. Plus the handles are very comfortable on your shoulder. Having multiple children, this bag is every mother’s dream as a diaper bag! This bag is very well put together. As you can see below in the picture, I was able to put a lot of items in the bag (very sturdy!). Another great aspect of the bag is once my kids out grow the diaper bag phase, I can use this bag as a gym bag or an everyday bag.

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