Learning about Careers in the Outdoor Industry – Local Youth Corps Visit KEEN Headquarters

A group of incoming high school freshman visited the KEEN office to meet with our president, as well as several KEEN staff in an effort to learn more about career opportunities in the outdoor industry.

The youth are part of the Portland Multnomah Youth Corps, a four-year series of interventions for targeted high school students during the crucial summer months. The goal of the Youth Corps is to boost graduation rates by linking academic support with college and career.

Not only did the students spend time with our president, they learned about footwear development and got to design their own shoes.  Two winners where chosen by our director of product.  Each will get their design made on their very own pair of Coronado shoes!

Following the design workshop, the students spent an hour with KEEN staff to learn more about the different jobs/departments that make up our company.

A BIG thanks goes out to the organizers of the Portland Multnomah Youth Corps for providing local businesses and organizations a chance to share our work with local youth.