Climbing Kilamanjaro without the use of legs

One of the coolest things about working for KEEN is all the great people and companies we get to meet and work with. Last month at Outdoor Retailer we met Chris Waddell, he’s heading off to Kilamanjaro next month, but that is just the tip of his HyrbridLife.

Check out this video clip to see why what Chris is doing is so unique:

About One Revolution

In the fall of 2009, Chris Waddell will attempt to summit Kilimanjaro. Sounds like a basic goal, until you consider that this star athlete and paralympian will conquer the 19,340 foot high mountain without the use of his legs. If successful, Waddell will become the first paraplegic to summit Kilimanjaro unassisted, the tallest freestanding mountain in the world.

Mobility represents independence and integration-something denied to the disabled in Tanzania. The One-Revolution Foundation is designing and producing a “Developing Countries Handcycle.” The intention is to create opportunity through mobility. During the 2009 climb, One-Revolution will donate wheelchairs and handcycles to Tanzanians in need. Going forward, the foundation will make bi-annual handcycle donations throughout the world. The Developing Countries Handcycle will give the recipient not only transportation, but the opportunity to participate in commerce in their own community. The handcycle technology will be shared with each community. One-Revolution will partner with a local manufacturer to make additional handcycles.