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Keen's Toddler Backpack: MightyKeendom

Test Driver Dylan with his KEEN toddler backpack

About.com’s Back to School Test Drive Blog
By Michelle Kouzmine, About.com

Keen has lots of great products for Back to School 2009. Famous for their all-weather, all-activity shoes, they also have bags and backpacks for adults and little explorers. For this experiment Keen sent a toddler backpack for review.

Meet the Test Driver

Keen’s Test Driver was preschooler Dylan. Dylan Test Drove: Keen’s Might KEENdom Toddler Backpack

The Specs

Keen’s Toddler Backpack: MightyKeendom This toddler backpack is one of Keen’s smaller bags. It measures 13.78”x9.84”x2.36” so it is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who still don’t have to lug lots of books, supplies and gym clothes to and from school. The backpack features a fun embroidered animal emblem, dual water bottle pockets, reflective safety strips, adjustable chest strap and organizational pockets.

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