Sunday Parkways – Opening Streets to Walking, Bicycling, Roller Blading . . .

What is Sunday Parkways?

It’s all about opening streets to walking, bicycling, rolling, and roller blading – without having to watch out for cars. Sunday Parkways are 7-8 mile “temporary parks” along city streets connecting neighborhoods and residents in Portland, Oregon.

Sunday Parkways gives people a chance to get out and be active right in their own neighborhood. Participants walked, biked, rolled, ran, strolled, and roller bladed along the route to activities in the parks as well as to nearby shops and businesses in the vicinity.

Read the Sunday Parkways closes streets to motorists to make way for pedestrians and cyclists news article about the August 16th event.


Sunday Parkways highlights Portland, Oregon as a walkable and bikeable city. Sunday Parkways is ideal for connecting neighborhoods by bringing people together with healthy activities. Health, transportation, recreation, community, environmental, and safety interests all benefit by partnering to implement Sunday Parkways.