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Keen to Try New Things
Posted by Zoe Wood to :

I discovered KEENs when I moved to Hawaii and was looking for a sandal I could wear for everyday. They are perhaps best known for their previously-reviewed iconic sandals, sturdy enough to trek through backwoods trails, get wet and support your feet at the same time.

While most of KEEN’s product line is aimed at the “trailhead” for their day hikes in rocky places, they have also put their mind to designing a few product lines aimed at the laid-back, granola-eating trekker in their off-hours. They have shoes aimed at city-dwellers and also a lot of very nice bags in a variety of cute colors.

Perhaps they understand that the female trail-hiker isn’t necessarily your average girl. In a time when the fashion seems to be the “baby carrier” (complete with the hunch that sometimes accompanies it), KEEN has a nice, small utilitarian pocketbook you can wear across your chest, the Fremont. Having prided myself on avoiding getting a purse for years, I finally broke down after the purchase of an iPhone and searched for an appropriate carrying conveyance.