KEEN donates over 1,500 pairs of shoes to orphanages in Ethiopia

Finley, Amelie and Luc use boxes of donated KEENs as their own personal climbing gym.Last week, KEEN was able to make one HybridLife Community member’s donation dreams a reality. Throughout the month of August, KEEN collected over 1,500 pairs of shoes for Le Toukoul Orphanage, a group of orphanages in Ethiopia.

The shoes are being collected by volunteers of Ethiopian Orphan Relief (EOR). EOR is a non-profit made up of adoptive parents who work to improve the living conditions and lives of Ethiopian orphans by working with the orphanages and adoption agency care houses to provide supplies, infrastructure and experiences. EOR has partnered with established non-governmental organizations, such as Le Toukoul, as well as AHOPE for

Shoes donatedChildren (a home for HIV positive children), Children’s Heaven (a home for orphaned teenage girls) and Children’s Home Society and family services Hope for Hosanna Project (a project by an American adoption agency to build a school and medical facility in Ethiopia)

At present, 13.2% of the children in Ethiopia, 3.8million, are orphaned. International adoption touches only a tiny fraction of these orphans; in 2006, only 731 Ethiopian orphans were adopted by American parents. EOR exists to serve the needs of these orphans by improving their lives and living conditions.

EOR’s current projects are to provide a playground at Toukoul, a water filtration system for AHOPE for Children, a facility to house Children’s Heaven and a sanitation system for the Hope for Hosanna School.

If you would like to contribute to these projects, or receive more information, please contact EOR at or visit the website at