J the Travel Authority's 'More Packing Tips' Take on Pearl Bag

[0408_BWGG_F.jpg]Here’s an expert from J the Travel Authority blog review of the Pearl bag:

This week, I tested this messenger-type bag because I had a lot of networking and workshop events, some all day and others at night, that required me to walk around a trade show floor and meet and greet a ton of people while collecting their business cards, giving them mine, taking notes of our meetings and then running to the next meeting or cocktail party where I had to transform into the non-itinerant journalist who would be sipping a glass of Chardonnay at, among other places, the Norwegian Consul General’s residence here in Manhattan.

The Pearl was perfect. When I slung it across my back, I found a zipper compartment — great for pens, business cards and small notebooks — on the left side of the pack (on my back side) but easily accessible while it was still on my back. And, the location prohibited any subway thieves from infiltrating this pocket. Quite an accomplishment. In addition, I stuffed my cell phone into the mesh stretch pocket along the strap, making it also very easy to grab.

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