Commuting to Work – 88 Bikes Raffle Winner Enjoys Her New Bike

Dear KEEN,

Wow – thank you so much.

Wendy Kerr - 88 Bike Donation Winner

I was super inspired by the 88 Bikes presentation at the KEEN booth during the Interbike Tradeshow. I hardly ever donate to anything (a part from IMBA, of course) but this program, being such a tangible and life-changing gift for so many kids around the world, was just too compelling. And KEEN’s match made it so affordable that I couldn’t afford NOT to donate. I never thought I would win the bike, but it was fun checking it out and fantasizing. And now – boom! I’m gonna have a sweet new bike to take to work on every day. I ride to work every day on my road bike, which is nice and fast, but a death trap in rainy, icy or snowy conditions. Needless to say, I’m super excited – you have not only made my day, but my entire winter!

For me, bikes represent freedom of mobility, much like the car is for many people and that is exactly what 88 Bikes is giving to these kids across the world – freedom.

Thank you!!!

International Mountain Biking Association

Boulder, Colorado