Crag Vermont's Adopt-a-Crag Huge Success!

cragvt - adopt a crag I drove out to Vermont to lend a hand and thank volunteers doing trail work in Upper West Bolton. This was an event I heard about from The Conservation Alliance Backyard Collective, a co-sponsor of this trail day. KEEN provided 2 pairs of shoes to lucky raffle winners and free chapstick to all!!

This is a trail that winds up to a beautiful rock face that just begs to be climbed. Fifty-six volunteers showed up and helped build a 300 ft long rock staircase.

I personally helped to install the new sign that will post information. There were no post hole diggers, so we dug by hand to get down 3+ feet. This was at the beginning of the trail, so once it was finished, we took the hike to the top. The views were spectacular and the sun was going to set soon. But, I was determined to set one stair and at that perfect, with no wobble. It took me an hour to set it right, but in the end I was proud!

We left with full bellies from lunch provided, bags full of free stuff from Black Diamond and Stanley, and dirt on our shoes!

It was a great day!


KEEN Field Service Rep
New England