The Carbon Bathtub – A Simple Illustration to Understand Climate Change

National Geographic has created a really simple way to understanding climate change.  They call it The Carbon Bathtub.

National Geographic Mag - Carbon Bath

It’s simple, really: As long as we pour CO2; into the atmosphere faster than nature drains it out, the planet warms. And that extra carbon takes a long time to drain out of the tub.

In particular, a tub with the tap running and the drain open. The water level can stand for many quantities in the modern world. The level of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere is one. A person’s waistline or credit card debt—both of which have also become spreading problems of late—are two more. In all three cases, the level in the tub falls only when the drain runs faster than the tap—when you burn more calories than you eat, for instance, or pay off old charges faster than you incur new ones.

Source: National Geographic, The Big Idea

In less than 7 minutes, you can review the above image and read a short narrative explaining The Carbon Bathtub by clicking here.