Big City Mountaineers . . . In Their Words

Big City Mountaineers (BCM) just announced the winners of their Teen and Adult Personal Expression contest, as well as their Volunteer Award. BCM is a KEEN Hybrid.Care partner that is committed to enhancing the lives of urban youth through transformative outdoor experiences.

Here are the winners. . .

Teen Personal
Expressions Winner
Hajia Muya

big city mountaineers - Hajia Muya
Hi my name is Hajia and I am from Kenya, I was originally born in Somalia. My parents left Somalia in 1992 when the war broke out, the same war that is still going on now. My family is Somali Bantu and we were thought of as the lower class so my parents left the country for a better life for their kids. After many stops we settled in a Kenyan Refugee Camp. Life in the camp was fascinating because I met new people who were different, spoke different languages and it was amazing how even though we were all different we got along . . . click here to continue reading.

Adult Personal
Expressions Winner
MK Sagaria

big city mountaineers - MK Sagaria
city kids outdoors
no hip hop or Xbox here
just nature’s rhythms

a cool mountain night
girls giggling in their tents
sleeping under stars

setting out on trails
it’s a BCM summer
kids forging new paths

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Skip Yowell Volunteer Award Winner
Pat Callahan

big city mountaineers - Pat Callahan

BCM is excited to give this year’s award to Pat Callahan. Pat embodies the spirit of Skip Yowell through exceptional service and commitment to helping BCM fulfill its mission of enhancing the lives of under-resourced teens.

“There’s no place I’d rather be,” Pat says about his BCM trips. Pat has made this apparent over the past 10 years through his relentless enthusiasm for BCM, our program and the teens we serve. He became involved with BCM in 1999 by volunteering once a week in our Evergreen office doing whatever needed to be done . . . click here to continue reading.