Operation Toys for SOX: 200 Toys Collected with Retailer Partner Boulder Running Company

Boulder Running - Toys for Tots (2)

It all started with a phone call from my Finacee Tiffany. Each year she purchases several toys to be donated to the local Toys for Tots program and this year was no exception. She’d braved the holiday crowds at Toys R Us the night before and had just gone into work to place the presents under the tree at her work which serves as a collection point. However, as I discovered through her call, this year the space under the tree wasn’t filling up quite fast enough and a lot of children’s hopes for a happy holiday season hung in the balance. Inspired by her kindness and caring towards others, I called one of our local dealers – Boulder Running Company – to see if we could devise a way to make a difference. Within a few minutes we’d come up with the outline for Operation Toys for Socks whereby any customer who brought in a new toy to be donated would receive a free pair of KEEN SOX for their random act of KEENness.

Boulder Running - Toys for Tots (3)

The calls – and emails – went out and for three days people filled the store to the brim with donated items. When I returned the following Monday I felt as if I’d entered Santa’s workshop as the call for help had been answered by the great staff and customers of Boulder Running Company. They’d collected over 200 individual gift items to be donated to the local Toys for Tots chapter – enough to fill my truck to the brim and then some. The ultimate reward was having the opportunity to deliver the truck full of gifts to the Toys for Tots operation center where I met several families who would be on the receiving end of gifts like these. Their sincere gratitude and the happiness on their children’s faces reinforces how far a simple random act of KEENness can go.

I was so touched I even wrote a poem about it:

Twas a few days before Christmas so we collected some toys, to hook up some of the less fortunate families with little girls and boys…

We had Barbies and Starships and building blocks galore, it seemed like we had enough to open our own little store.

And when I dropped them off to be sorted and seen, sure enough the guy helping me out happened to be wearing KEEN.

With a pallet and large box’s worth we hope that no child gets missed, as we tried to help with this week’s random act of KEENness.

Special thank you to the team at Boulder Running Company, without whom I couldn’t have made this happen.