Homage to KEEN Arroyo II: Do-It-All Shoes for Travel, Work or Around the House


This seems a little weird to be posting but here it goes anyway…

This is my 4 year old pair of KEEN Arroyo IIs. I bought them after my first trip to China and have worn them nearly daily since then. They have been to Asia twelve times, Paris, dozens of US cities, Publix, Bouchon, etc, etc. They have been my go-to shoes and are the first pair I pick when I’m looking for a single pair of do-it-all shoes for travel, work or just lounging around the house.

They are easy on/off when going through airport security, are well ventilated so they keep my feet cool and have enough support and tread for the occasional off-road excursion (or just schlepping my suitcase through the Hong Kong subway system). They may not be the latest in haute couture but they work better than anything I’ve ever worn. It made me quite sad to drop them into the trash can. But, thanks to my mom and my lovely wife I’m looking forward to breaking in their replacements.

BTW, the original Superfeet (blue insoles) I bought with the old pair of Keens migrated to the new pair and are ready for 4 more years of service.

Source: www.robertsdonovan.com/?p=1453