"My Invention is the Stick Sock." 6th Grader from Nebraska Sends Idea to KEEN Sox Designer

Letter From KEEN Sock Designer

Dear Cory,

Thank you so much for sharing your Sticky Sock design with me.  My name is Emily Berchier and I do product development and marketing for our sock line here at KEEN.  I appreciate meeting someone else who is as enthusiast about socks as me.  At KEEN, we strive to take practical everyday problems and find solutions that are good for people and the planet.

Socks falling down or “quitting” as we refer to it, is huge challenge.  The Stick Sock you came up with is a great solution. I have personally never seen a solution like this on the market to date. Velcro could be a great solution.  You could offer the sock in different heights depending on the activity which would require a different placement of the Velcro to fit shoes.

I would recommend making a proto-type or sample of the sticky sock and test it out. With any design, there are always adjustments to make.  When I design a sock I have over 20 people wear the sock for months at a time.  I have them take a survey and ask them questions about the fit.

I encourage you to keep working on your idea and I am happy to help you if you have any questions.

Enclosed are some KEEN socks for you and your family.  Keep in touch.


Emily Berchier