Meet KEEN Ambassador Seth Warren, Director of Nature Propelled, the Documentary Film


This once professional kayaker turned documentary filmmaker teaches us how to see our planet as a -natural playground’-and urges us each to protect it.

It’s a classic tale. Boy grows up immersed in nature. Boy feels overwhelming duty to help protect it–and inspire others to do the same. If only everyone could be such an outdoors enthusiast, like Seth Warren, who professionally kayaked for ten years before deciding to capture his natural playground (as he likes to call it) on film.

In 2007, he directed Oil + Water, which followed the longest-ever petroleum free road trip and now, most recently in Nature Propelled, Seth draws the connection between the planet’s natural elements, renewable energy, adventure sports, and how people can harness these three to power-up their lifestyles for the better.

In addition to bringing his message to the big screen, Seth travels North America in his veggie-fueled vehicle; Baby, teaching the public and youth about how live more sustainably. This mobile advocacy project of his is called the Elements Tour. And when not busy with this, you’ll likely find him out in the elements: skiing, surfing, kayaking, hand gliding, and practicing his most recent passion–paddle boarding.

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By Jessica Root
Brooklyn, NY, USA | Thu Jan 28, 2010