Five Days Exploring Mexico City Comfortably Wearing KEEN

Yep, while urban backpacking throughout la ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City), I walked the grounds of the amazing Castillo (Castle) de Chapultepec; spent nearly five hours hiking the magnificent Teotihuacan Pyramids (and ran out of water); visited the Palacio Nacional; Frida Kahlo’s Casa de Azul; the Templo Mayor (Pyramid Ruins); the grand Cathedral in Zocalo (the center of Mexico City); and ascended the majestic steps of the Basilica.

Sometimes by microbus, sometimes by metro, sometimes by taxi, but mostly by foot, in five days, I explored the richness of Mexico’s history and culture. Claro que si (but of course), I did this comfortably wearing KEENs.

Yep, good thing for KEENs. No, good thing for my KEENs (Briggs II).

– Gerald

Consumer Photo - Mexico