New KEEN Partnership with Poor Man’s Whiskey Rocks the Stage!

My Photos | Poor Man's Whiskey San Francisco-based bluegrass jam band, Poor Man’s Whiskey, rocks their KEENs and is the ultimate showcase of the HybridLife.

These amazing guys believe in the power of music to bring communities together through song and dance. Their music is not only inspiring, but is some of the best booty-shaken music out there.

It is hard not to smile and dance to the beat when you are listening to them play. When these guys are not on stage, they are out there doing amazing things to spread knowledge, help our environment, and be community leaders.

KEEN is stoked to be a sponsor of these talented musicians, and will continue to keep you posted about their whereabouts. They head to Australia soon to play at the Byron Bay Bluesfest from April 1-5, 2010.

To hear their music, find them on Myspace or Facebook.