Tales from Retail Marketing World – Kristin and Mark Visit Outdoor Stores in Colorado and Wyoming

Our retail marketing coordinator Kristin just got back from a week on the road with Mark, our field service rep for the Rockies. Kristin and Mark visited several independent outdoor-specialty retailers in Colorado and Wyoming for the sole purpose of installing our new retail fixtures.  Here is a few before & after pictures of Kristin and Her Retail Fixture Magic…

Before (1)

They found a table display at Boulder Running Company in need of a little love.

After (1)

The table display after Kristin waved her magic wand.

Before (2)

Dodd's Shoes in Laramie, Wyoming - their ladies wall before...

Setting up a new wall

...a little bit of Tetris...

Setting up a new wall

...We'll just put this right here...

After (2)

..and BAM. 12 feet of awesomeness in the ladies dept.

KEEN repurposed bag

One of the new Harvest II collection bags in the front window at the Pedestrian Shop along Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado. These bags are super cool and made of discarded scrap materials.