KEEN Sandals and Their South Pacific Adventures Throughout Polynesia

South Pacific adventures through out PolynesiaFrom: Felix
Sent: Friday, 9 April 2010
Subject: Thank you

Dear KEEN Footwear,

I would just like to write to thank you for these fantastic sandles that I have realy put to the test in my 2 last South Pacific adventures through out Polynesia including the Pitcairn Islands.

I have been working on a yacht and have been in a contrast of enviroments. They have proven to be durable and hard wearing. Unfortunately a ferral dog in French Polynesia stole one and chewed part of the sandle on my first trip last year but I managed to retrive the missing sandle. And the sandles were still in great shape for another long adventure this year. I have came across many others wearing these sandles (mainly Kiwis) and others just look at mine and I sing your praises.

I travel alot and when I find a garment, gadget etc…that works/fits and is hard wearing I remember it and use it again and again. That is why I am sending this email to complement you on your product.

Thank you,

Felix, Keen Footwear Supporter