Have Kids Interested in Outdoors? Check Out Supernatural Adventures


The big news for Supernatural Adventures (SNA) is that we are the cover and feature story in the Earth Day issue of Scholastic Magazine’s Science World Magazine which goes to 250,000 teachers, and reaches another 1.75 + million students in grades 6-9.  For the photo shoot, the boys were of course in their KEENs and wearing their backpacks.

SNA will also be featured in the newly launching digital version of Science World (SW), reaching even more viewers and SNA will be providing ongoing video content for SW on an ongoing basis.  We expect a significant uptick in our site visits, which also means a lot of eyeballs on the fact that KEEN is one of our sponsors.  THANKS!

Hope all is well.  I’ll keep you posted of how it goes once the magazine hits schools.



Supernatural Adventures