Green Gear Blog Features Sienna Mary Jane

Excerpt taken from ‘Keen’s Amazing Green Mary Jane
By Sami Ewers – May 25, 2010

Finally–a shoe that’s as fashion-forward as it is eco-friendly–the Sienna Mary Jane by Keen. This shoe comes from the company’s ‘Market St.’ line, and it’s the perfect hybrid blend of comfort, good looks and sustainable design for an active, environmentally conscious person.

Sienna Mary Jane on the Street

Sienna Mary Janes waiting for the next Trimet Max Yellow Line in downtown Portland, Oregon.

The “Mary Jane” itself is a classic style that withstands the test of time, and remains popular to this day. But it’s not as easy as you’d think to find a “green” Mary Jane that retains its classic style while pushing the green envelope. Of course, this is exactly what makes Keen’s Sienna MJ worth stepping into.

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