Letter From Boise River Volunteers President and KEEN Worshiper

Boise River Volunteers - Boise Idaho

Dear KEEN,

I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for the support you are sending to the Boise River Volunteers! Over the years we have fished thousands of flip flops, expensive tennis shoes, and various leather sandals out of the River but I guarantee you that we have NEVER pulled a KEEN shoe out of the water. Many people may wonder why that is, however, anyone who has ever had the extreme pleasure of owning a pair (or several pairs like some of us) KEEN’s, they will risk life or limb to get their little lost shoe back.

When I attended the Boise RecFest a few weeks back I received a KEEN key chain and I absolutely cherish that little guy! I proudly exclaim to anyone within earshot that KEEN shoes are more than just a summer shoe, they are a winter, spring, and fall shoe as well. The volunteers who do not have the luxury of purchasing a pair without Chris’ help long for a pair like ours and those who do own them tell everyone else that they need to purchase a pair of KEEN’s as they will be the last pair of river shoes they will ever put on their feet.

My humble gratitude extends to you for a lifetime.


Teresa Fridrich, President
Boise River Volunteers and Fellow KEEN Worshiper