Thrifty and Thriving Blog: Disney on a Budget & Shopping for Comfortable Shoes

Disney on a Budget: Shopping for Comfortable Shoes

When you are heading to the Disney Parks, comfortable shoes are a MUST!!! My sister introduced me to Keen shoes about 4 years ago, and now I am IN LOVE!! I remember when I saw her cute shoes and asked here where she got them, she told me “you won’t like them?” I said “but they are so cute and I love that your toes are protected. They aren’t wimply flip flops, but they are still summery.” She then clarified, she told me I would love them because they were so comfortable, but I would NOT love them because of the price (I am a WAY more frugal than my Nordstrom shopping sister).

Keen’s are expensive shoes, but they are so worth it. They are made well, and incredibly comfortable. I started with one pair 4 years ago, and I now own 5 pairs. LOVE THEM!!!! I have also convinced my husband that they are the most fabulous shoes ever and he now owns a pair of Keen hiking boots and a pair of Keen sandals for our trip.

This pair of Keen Paulina slides was my most recent purchase, and the ones I will be wearing on our trip to Disney World.