23 Feet = 1 film, 3 women and 2600 Miles

One film, three women, 23 feet of Airstream, and 2600 miles.

23 Feet invites you to come along with them as they search for the connections of a traveling community and explore the beauty of the wild lands of the West. They’ll be filming the most arresting landscapes of the West, places that foster both epic adventure and peaceful escape. They plan to advocate activism and awareness of conservation through promoting organizations that dedicate themselves to preserving these wild lands, and encourage people to get outside and see these places for themselves.


Traveling over 2600 miles, three women will encounter new and old friends and discover what its like to leave it all behind. They’ll find that the sacrifice of leaving the comforts of home are worth the journey, and that the feeling of community isn’t always in the same backyard.

Follow the journey…