Off to Battle at NW Warriordash – KEEN Employees Jumping Over Fire, Forging Rivers, Rappelling…

KEEN sent 24 Warriors off to battle at the NW Warriordash at Horning’s Hideout in North Plains, OR on Saturday. For 3.15 brutal miles, the KEEN Warriors jumped through fire, forded rivers and over logs, rappelled down ravines, scrambled over cargo nets, crawled thru tunnels and snaked their way thru mud pits strewn with barbed wire.

“I’ve got a WARRIOR Gash” states Marco from Credit, as he displays his scabbed knee.

“That course should be named ‘HORNING’S HILLY HIDEOUT'”, says Fe in Customer Service.

“Uhmm….maybe that bachelorette party the night before wasn’t such a great idea ~ and let me tell you, HAIR OF THE DOG doesn’t always work!” ~ Anonymous Keen Warrior

“It was a brutal but awesome challenge, we all had a great time and look forward to bringing more KEEN Warriors next year!”, commented Melanie in our Credit department.