Letter from Joni – KEEN Shoes Donated to Women in Ethiopia

We donated just under 1,000 pairs of shoes to a group of Oregon Health and Science University medical students that travel to Ethiopia to work with fistula patients.

While most of these shoes will be going to people suffering from “Mossy Foot,” pairs will also be given to very young women that have been turned away by their family. These girls are married away at very early ages, (we are talking 8 or 10 years old) and then become pregnant. Because of this, they are shunned from their families and taken in by the Hamlim Fistula Hospital to help them mend. After their surgery and recovery, they must walk home, and more often than not, it’s barefoot.

The med students will be dispersing them in Addis Ababa at hospitals and shelters, throughout several trips over the course of the next 6 months.

Letter from Joni

Thank you, KEEN, for making women at the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa very happy from your donations of shoes.

Melkamnesh now can walk home over rugged terrain in better comfort after her surgery, thanks to her new KEEN shoes. She was in tears when she received them, and relays deep gratitude to you.

More info regarding our maternal health project in Ethiopia can be found at www.jonikabana.com in the International section.

We can’t thank KEEN enough for these donations!


Joni Kabana