Welcome Jasper! Our New KEEN Ambassador in Europe

Do you know Jasper Doest? No? You should! He is an awesome wildlife photographer and our new KEEN Ambassador in Europe.

When Jasper visited us at our office in Rotterdam, we talked about his passion for wildlife, photography, the need to give back and of course KEEN.

“I create out in the wild and on the border of the hasty human society and nature….nature is my playground and that’s what I care about. Through my work I try to raise awareness & support for conservation projects and in the end for a better world.”

“I owe a lot to the outdoors. It has given me so much that I try to give back as much as possible throughout my work. Over the past years KEEN has always been with me on my adventures. They are the ideal photographer’s shoe. I used to wear off my toes of my shoes all the time…as getting out in the wild often means getting down on the ground in rough and not so gentle area’s. On the bounty beaches of the Seychelles, KEEN….close to the North Pole…KEEN….and during the rare day off in the city…KEEN again.”

“Wildlife is my life, I’m off to wild places every single month and KEEN is a guarantee in my suitcase.”

If you want to win a workshop with Jasper and you live in the Netherlands, make sure to enter the Salt Magazine Hybridlife Moment competition.

Jasper loves the outdoors and has made his passion for photography his full time job. Check out some of his work here