Wanted: Sneakers for Winter – Fast Company Reviews the Alta Mid for Men

Wanted: Sneakers for Winter

You already have winter shoes: the ones you’re willing to totally ruin just to avoid wearing real boots. Spare that pair and lose the laces.


Oh winter, how do we hate thee? Let us count the ways — in two’s, that is, pairs of shoes logged with black slush-water and crustified by road salt and the coffee you spilled on your own feet while sliding down your front steps. Winter, you are seriously blowing our footwear budget.

The Keen Alta shoe is the glutton for punishment many of us need from December to April. (If you don’t live in the Northeast and you don’t know the pain that is “wintery mix,” well then muster some empathy: It’s very hard to find a discreet pair of slush-proof shoes.) Purposely designed with polar purpose, the Keen shoe comes in low-top and high-top, suitable for both the tepid winters of D.C. and the rip-your-face-off-Dear-God-the-apocalypse-is-surely-nigh snowstorms of the high Midwest. So go ahead: step out of your car door without looking. No mush-foot in sight.

How much is the Alta shoe? That depends: How much do you value the feeling in your toes? Just kidding; they’re still a hundred bucks no matter the level of your desperation.

Chris Dannen of Fast Company