HybridCare Partner Highlight: Respect the Mountains Helps to Preserve the Alps

2010 HybridCare Map

Respect the Mountains is a young organization that creates awareness to preserve the Alps for their current and future inhabitants and visitors. The main goal is not to keep people out of the Alps, but to make people aware of the uniqueness and importance of this area, so that next generations will be able to enjoy the mountains as much as we do.

In the ideal “Respect the Mountains World,” people think twice before they act, ski resorts are environmentally friendly and people realize the only way to preserve and enjoy the slopes is to change their attitudes about mountain recreation. Therefore, our efforts focus mainly on Mountain Awareness.

In the summer of 2010, over 200 participants from 8 European countries cleaned up three different mountain locations in Europe, removing everything from cigarette butts to plastics to old car parts. The Envirotrek Event Series, organized by non-profit Respect the Mountains, was a success and will be continued in 2011.

Participants said: ‘These Envirotrek Events are a wonderful way to create awareness that we should take care of our natural environment. It great to meet so many other people from all over Europa, so it’s a lot of fun too!’

The grassroots initiative offers the public an opportunity to make a difference in the mountain areas which they enjoy ‘playing’, then in the afternoon participants enjoy nature from a rockface, a raft or a mountain bike perspective. This combination confirms the Respect the Mountains slogan: Keep our playground clean!