KEEN2WALK – Diary – Day 1

KEEN2WALK - Oxfam Novib Trailwalker

KEEN2WALK - Oxfam Novib Trailwalker

The Challenge: 100km walking in 30h. What did we get ourselves into?  Was probably the first thought which went through most of our minds, but then the excitement and enthusiasm for the project got hold of us. At this moment three brave walkers of the KEEN Europe team, signed up for the yearly Trailwalker event organized by Oxfam Novib, with the goal to get 30,000 children to school in Burma/Myanmar.

So what does that actually mean? The Oxfam Novib Trailwalker is a classic. (You can click the Union Flag for the English version of the Site) A walk of no less than one hundred kilometers, much of it across country lanes, in teams of four people. Mind: it’s not a relay. All team members walk the one hundred kilometers together. As a team! You start together and you finish together. All inside 30 hours! Every team is supported intensively and has the care of a two-person support team.

And: in the run-up months you raise a minimum of € 3,000 for education projects of Oxfam Novib.

This physical and mental challenge was exactly what we were looking for and of course for us KEEN is not just another employer but a brand which combines the same interest and opinions of its staff and its fans. We love the outdoors; we care about the environment and we try to give back to the community as much as possible. This challenge is going to be a tough one for us all but in the end we believe it is worth the cause.

On this blog, we will keep everyone updated on the ups and downs of our journey to finish this walk.

So let the blisters, the fights, the laughs, the exhaustion but above all, the motivation as a team to do something special, begin!

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