Say Hi to Apna, one of our four members of the KEEN2WALK Team:

Hi people,
When I was asked to write some words for the KEEN-blog, I was a little daunted…
First because I don’t consider myself a writer, and putting into words what kind of
challenge we got ourselves into is really confronting.
Because who in their right mind is willing to walk 100 kilometer within 30 hours?!?
Clearly…at the moment I said yes to this event I was a mentally unstable.
It is one thing to know it in your own head but quite another thing to see it in writing.

Secondly I couldn’t stop thinking about the reaction of most people when I told them
that I have joined the KEEN-team to participate in the Oxfam Novib Trailwalker,
which was as follows: their eyes began to bulge out, a startled expression moved
over their faces and they began to stutter.
What they were trying to say was: “Why would you take on such a massive undertaking?”
But it sounded like: Huh?
I must admit, this reaction was the same as my own primal instinct when I heard of it.

But then I thought this challenge is really something what belongs on my Bucket-list.
Live your life to the fullest or die trying…sadly enough it is truer then what I was hoping for
…hahaha. It will cost me blood (hopefully not so much), sweat (undoubtedly a lot!!!)
and tears (drama is my middle name).

And another reason is that the sentiment of the Oxfam Novib Trailwalker really fits
the HybridLife of KEEN.
By entering the Oxfam Novib Trailwalker we will create opportunities and possibilities for
children to go to school, where they learn and create a better future for themselves and
therefore the community. Even though it is for a serious cause the KEEN-team will find
enough play-time on the route towards the Oxfam Novib Trailwalker, if the children are at school they can play and develop growth together. And I know it sounds corny…but as long as we care enough, they can start to care for themselves and their environment.

Give your all, for someone else.

Yours sincerely,

Apna Nguyen

Apna Solar