KEEN2WALK – Introduction of the Team

My friends always ask me on New Years Eve: “So, what are your resolutions for this year?” Usually I would tell them a million different things and most of them I would have forgotten the next morning. I am not a planer; I do not have a 5 – years plan. I believe that this world is an ever-changing place and being stuck to a 5-year plan or even just a one-year resolution is such an alien concept to me. But this year I wanted to do it different. I just wanted to commit to one resolution. One I could focus on completely and say at the end of the year: “I did it!” My goal: I wanted to become healthier physically and mentally. I call it “My Detox Year”. Parting from everything that is, in my opinion, poisoning to my body and soul.

However, it is always easier said then done. I needed a motivation; something to keep my mind strong through the whole year.

Then not even one week into the New Year, a colleague of mine told me about something she heard on the radio: “The Oxfam Novib Trailwalker”. A walk of a 100km in 30hours, as a Team of 4 to raise awareness and funds for children in Birma. She asked me, if I would like to participate. I did not have to think long about it and immediately said yes. I had found my motivation, something, which would require a relative small effort from my side but could potentially have a big impact on a child somewhere on the other side of the world.

I am not underestimating the pain and suffering I will have to go through to be perfectly trained to walk a 100km, but I believe that walking the Trailwalker and raising money along the way, is a small effort in comparisment to what possibilities a child will have in his life just because he knows how to read, write and calculate.

Last year, while I was working for Greenpeace, I learned one thing: education and knowledge is the beginning of change. The future always lies in the hands of our children and if they get a chance in life, they can achieve great things and make a difference.

My motivation in the beginning might has started off as a selfish act, but it has become so much more than that. Now we are a team helping each other, to get through the good and the bad stuff and together we will do our best to raise as much funds as possible to help these children.


Muriel Philippi - Team KEEN2WALK