KEEN2WALK – Meet Laura

While biking to work, I heard the following sentence on the radio: “Are you up to the Challenge?”

I wasn’t really paying attention, but this sentence intrigued me and all day long it kept spinning in the back of my head.

Later, when I heard the full commercial from Oxfam Novib Trailwalker – walking a 100 km in 30 hours, with a team of 4, gathering at least 3.000 Euro’s sponsor money per team, to support 30.000 children to be able to go to school – I was definitely up to the challenge!

And then the real first challenge started: find 3 other team members!

When I first told some of my colleagues about my plans, they told me: “Oow, It is a rally? Piece of cake, 100 km with the 4 of you, so that’s 25 km each, easy!”

Sorry guys, that’s not the case. We really need to walk the 100 km by ourselves and we have to do it in 30 hours!

Then I started to doubt! Can I really do this, do I have the time, can I stand the pain? I wanted to sleep it over and really think hard about it, but then the next day, I was more determined than ever. Of course we can do it! Here in Europe we take education for granted, so we need to create opportunities for less fortunate children and be there for them when they need our support.

Within a week, we had our team together: Jeroen (finance department), Apna (operations), Muriel (marketing), Laura (marketing).

The first 1.5 month we will mainly train by ourselves. That is to get used to the walking and build up some endurance. The first week I started to walk to work twice (6 km). I also did a 3 hours walk on the beach. The second week, I went on my skiing holiday and did twice, one hour walks. This weekend I went for a 12,5 km walk as well. Yesterday I walked to work and back again, in total 12 km. So the first 2,5 weeks I already covered almost 60 km.

So yes, I am up to the challenge. And if you don’t have any plans on June 25th or 26th, come and cheer us through those 100 km.

PS. They are still looking for more teams, and no worries you can also take part in the Oxfam Novib Trailwalker in other countries :-)

April 1-3 2011: Oxfam Australia (Melbourne)·
April 9-10 2011: Oxfam New Zealand·
May 7-8 2011: Intermón Oxfam (Spain)·
May 13-15 2011: Oxfam Japan·
June 4-5 2011:Oxfam GB Trailtrekker (north of England)·
June 11-12 2011:Oxfam France·
June 17-19 2011: Oxfam Australia (Brisbane)·
June 25-26 2011: Oxfam Novib (Netherlands)·
July 16-17 2011: Oxfam GB (South of England)·
July 22-24 2011: Oxfam Canada·
August 2011: Oxfam Australia (Sydney)·
August 27-28 2011: Oxfam Solidarity in Belgium·
September 3-4 2011: Oxfam Germany·
September 2011: Oxfam Ireland Trailtrekker·
November 18-20 2011: Oxfam Hong Kong·
February 2012: Oxfam India (Bangalore)

– Laura