HybridCare Partner Highlight: WildLife Rescue and Boots Give Back in Canada

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The Wildlife Rescue Association is a charitable, not-for-profit organization, located in Burnaby, British Columbia. Established in 1979, WRA made its start as a small group of concerned animal lovers that were seeking a way to tend to injured wild animals in need of medical assistance and rehabilitation.

Today, with the aid of six full-time staff, a consulting veterinarian and 184 volunteers, WRA admits approximately 3,000 patients per year. This number consists of over 140 species of birds and mammals found in and around the Burnaby area. In addition to offering medical aid to injured wild animals, WRA also dedicates its efforts to educating people how to co-exist with wildlife, and have also become one of the primary response groups for wildlife impacted by oil spills and pollution damage. WRA is now one of the largest rehabilitators of urban wildlife in Western Canada.

WRA being a non-profit society has relied on the generous help of others to continue their efforts each year. Volunteer hours, donated supplies and financial contributions account for approximately 80% of their annual budget.

This past summer KEEN Canada partnered with WRA for our Boots Give Back program. With the help of Canadians across the country diligently submitting photos, KEEN Canada was able to give WRA over 7000 dollars for their efforts. This money will be used towards buying everyday necessities such as food and supplements, medical supplies and accessories, household and cleaning items as well as new equipment for animal care.

Wildlife Rescue helping out a friend