Beyond the Spill with PDX 2 Gulf Coast: Documentary Film World Premier in April at Alberta Rose Theater

In August of 2010, a group of more than 20 Oregonians returned from a 10-day trip to the Gulf Coast to bear witness to the BP oil crisis. The team is a part of the PDX 2 Gulf Coast project that aims to build meaningful relationships in the Gulf Coast in order to tell informed stories of lives and systems impacted by the greatest environmental disaster in US history and to create tools that inspire choices for a more sustainable future.

Team members met with scientists, local leaders, fishermen, community organizers and business owners, all documented on the PDX 2 Gulf Coast website through photos, drawings, videos, narratives and news roundups.

PDX 2 Gulf Coast is working with Uncage the Soul Productions to produce a documentary on the experience and the stories shared while in the Gulf, with the intent of focusing on the lessons that we can take from the Gulf Coast disaster and activate our own communities throughout the country to demand a more effective response and the social and political change that will prevent another environmental disaster of this magnitude from occurring ever again.  The film will premier on April 2oth at the Alberta Rose Theater.

Please help them raise the funds to complete this film and contribute to a project that’s committed to learning from this disaster and taking the steps forward necessary to make positive change.

You can donate PDX 2 Gulf Coast by clicking here.