My Shipwreck Story on Lake Huron with KEEN Sandals

My Shipwreck Story on Lake Huron with KEEN Sandals

Dear KEEN,

My wife and I survived a frightening experience on the Great Lakes last fall.

It was the end of September and bad weather was not in the forecast. We left our home on Lake Huron and began a fishing outing in our 19′ boat.

About an hour later the engine stopped. We ran out of fuel partly due to a faulty fuel gauge. The winds helped our boat drift near a very rocky shore. We anchored about 50 yards offshore and stripped down to just our underwear and life jackets. We put all our clothes, towels, and flashlights into a large cooler and carried it to shore. It was getting dark. Waves, cold water, and sharp slippery rocks made the walk into shore a real challenge.

Our KEENs protected our feet not only for the harrowing wade to shore, but also for the 4 mile trek through the woods along the shoreline back to our home.

As my wife and I were shopping for our second pair of closed toed KEENs this week, we retold this story to the 2 owners of Masters-Lalonde Shoes in our home town of Alpena, MI. They suggested we relay it to you.


Ed and Donna Czarnecki