Taking On the Styrkeprøven Challange – A Bike Race of 540km in 30 Hours Across Norway

Nol, Frans and Klaus from KEEN Europe took up the challenge to race through Norway on a grueling 540km and 350km race in 30hours.  This race is called the Styrkeprøven and is one of the hardest races in Europe.

Nol is heading out for a training ride from the KEEN Europe office in Rotterdam.
Nol - Training for the Styrkeproven

The idea for the Styrkeprøven came from Gjems Eric Onstad and other key people in bike sport in the mid 60’s. As a resistance fighter during World War II (1940-45) Gjems Eric Onstad was responsibile for activities in Trøndelag.  He monitor the retreat of German troops from Finland through northern Sweden on the bike.

The fastest racer reaching the finish line came from the biker of Velo Club Zoncolan. They finished the Styrkeprøven in 12:51h, which equals an average speed of 42km/h.

Nol just biked from Rotterdam to Amsterdam in 3 hours (75km). Lets see if these guys can keep up with them!