What's Your Favorite Recess Memory?

Photo posted by Jeffrey Moore on KEEN Facebook Page

Recently, we asked our Facebook fans to leave their favorite recess memories on our Wall. Five random winner were chosen.  So many wonderful recess memories! Thanks to everyone for sharing them with us.  Here are the winners:

“Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far awa vy… The year was 1978. I was in second grade. I was Luke Skywalker. The cutest girl in class was Princess Leia and the monkey bars were our pre-pubescent Millenium Falcon! My best friend, playing the part of Chewbacca helped us defeat the dark side and we all lived happily ever after.”
– Wade Wingler

“In third grade we invented a game of tag confined to the piece of playground equipment which looked like large a large fire engine made of pipes. For some reason we called it poison, because if you touched the wood seats you were “out”. I think that is where I started honing my sure-footed getaways.”
– Dan Stover

“Nothing better as a sixth grader than having a number of girls Chase you around every recess…….. Good times.”
– Jeff Sandman

“Recess in kindergarten for me meant kisses! Not like grownup kisses but cheek kisses. My best friend, Buck, and I kissed everyday at recess under the water tower that was at the back of the playground. We did this for months until we got caught. My mom laughed so hard when she got the call from school. Buck and I stopped kissing. After that we played at flying. It was sort of like kissing in that your heart raced and it made you feel like you were in the clouds. Now I’m on my thirties and I laugh about the kisses to. And, I miss the excited feeling of knowing I get to go to recess with Buck.”
– Rebecca Price

“my favorite recess memory is the hours upon hours of jumping on my trampoline with my neighbors, trying to see who could jump the highest&look the coolest on camera :)”
– Zani Moore