KEEN Ambassador on the Playground: JD Platt's Tails of a Flying Dog Trainer

JD Platt of JD Platt and the K-9 Kings is an expert dog trainer and former professional snowboarder from Bend, Oregon. JD is a professional dog trainer and entertainer that performs trick dog shows all around the United States and Canada.  His show features 13 different breeds, multiple trainers, comedy, acrobatic dog tricks, Frisbee, obedience and agility.  The K-9 Kings have performed on CBS, Animal Planet, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Galaxy going big at a show in Bend, Oregon.

“My training is based around extreme consistency, patience, repetition, and body language along with good old fashioned rules, exercise & affection.  My techniques never ever include the use of choke, pinch or electric collars.  Being a calm assertive leader of the pack along with a lot of love, playing, toys and fun is the ultimate motivator in my training and the relationship I have with my dogs,” comments JD.

Keep up with the action at and look for his nationwide tour starting this May!

Playground of Choice

Bend, OR. – Numerous activities to do with your dogs throughout Central Oregon.  Hiking, biking, swimming, dog parks, running, scooter doggin’ etc…

What is one thing you can do to preserve your playground?

From the National Forest to the city limits there are many rules dog owners need to follow in order to help keep the outdoors a place for us to be able to enjoy exercising and socializing our dogs.  I actively participate in being a responsible dog owner throughout Central Oregon and help donate time with my Flying Dog Show to community events while spreading the message of responsible ownership.

Olympia, JD’s Female Whippet doing a 20 ft. distance knee vault

Favorite KEEN Shoe:

KEEN Milo II – Best all around trail/field/life shoe he has found.

KEEN Ambassador Program:

At KEEN we are always looking for people in every community who are stewards of the outdoors and bring a new perspective to the idea of living a Hybrid.Life.  At KEEN we strive to bring you closer to the outdoors by empowering our ambassadors to do the same for us!