KEEN Ambassador on the Playground: Pebble Pedalers – Berling Brothers Save the Bering Sea

Seth and Parker Berling of Pebbel Pedalers are brothers from Belvedere, California.

Seth Berling, crossing the Andes Mountain Range into Argentina

Parker and Seth created the Pebble Pedalers organization in 2009 to raise awareness of and garner support for protecting the Bristol Bay Watershed from the largest proposed open pit mine in North America.  They began a 17,000 mile journey riding through 15 countries—from Prudhoe Bay, the northernmost point accessible by road in Alaska, to Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost tip of Argentina to publicize their cause.  “We work towards preservation, protection and the restoration of watersheds throughout the Americas” – comments Seth/Parker.  The Bristol Bay Watershed, emptying into the Bering Sea, has sustained Alaskans for generations.  The Pebble Mine, proposed by Northern Dynasty Minerals, would spew toxic pollutants into the water, killing marine life and jeopardizing some of the largest salmon runs in the world.

Playground of Choice: Our playground of choice is any watershed where a fish will eat a fly.

What is one thing you can do to preserve your playground? Because rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans are our playground of choice we are constantly battling to protect our favorite places on earth from pollution, poaching and constant human pressure.  One of our favorite places to fish is Kat Mai National Park in Alaska and this is one of many areas along with the entire Bristol Bay water system that is threatened by the proposed construction of the Pebble Mine.  People can join the fight against this ill proposed project by helping Trout Unlimited in the fight against the Pebble Partnership.  To learn more please visit:

Favorite KEEN shoe: “The Keen Springwater was my shoe of choice when cycling from the Northern tip of Alaska to the Southern tip of Argentina.  I only switched out these kicks once in 18 months, 17 countries, and over 18,250 miles, for a new pair of Springwaters of course.” – Comments Parker

“Seth could be found rocking the same pair of Escape H2’s while traversing the razor sharp lava rocks on the shores of Lago Nicaragua while fishing for Rainbow Bass or hunting Bone Fish on the pancake flats of Los Roques islands in Venezuela.”

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KEEN Ambassador Program: At KEEN we are always looking for people in every community who are stewards of the outdoors and bring a new perspective to the idea of living a Hybrid.Life.  At KEEN we strive to bring you closer to the outdoors by empowering our ambassadors to do the same for us!